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I will not watch Rocky Horror. I will not watch Rocky Horror.

I'm off to watch Eternal Sunshine.

NOT Rocky Horror.

PS: My back STILL hurts like fuck.
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And I want to buy the other Franz Ferdinand cd. Aaaand the rocky horror soundtrack, possibly. Or I might just order that one that has ALL the songs on it. That'd be nice.
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Hahaha. Bridget's sitting right next to me. She laughed at me for watching Rocky Horror twice yesterday. Meanie. I so want to make one of those greyscale poster thingies with Tim Curry/Frank 'N Furter on it. It'd be hot. I'd put it right next to my Fight Club one. Then I'd make a Donnie Darko one. Then an Eternal Sunshine one.

Yeah. That'd be kickass.

Bridget just freaked out and knocked out BOTH our headphones. That silly spazz.

God I love Placebo. Maybe I'll buy another of their cd's. Which pushes it up to:

Billy Idol
Avenged Sevenfold

I also want to buy The Green Mile. So good.

Eeeh, they're just about to execute Delacroix in the book, but I had to stop just before. But I KNOW what's going to happen. GODDAMN YOU PERCY!

But Percy's just so goddamn hot in my mind. It's silliness!

I put my stupid shirt in the dryer. Damn me.

Maaaary, you should make me a pretty new icon. And I should get off my lazy ass and make a new mood theme. I SO want a Rocky Horror one.


I'm so out of stuff to saaay.

I didn't swim yesterday because Shawna's an ass and made me walk a lot. And then I was more in the mood to piss her off than to go swimming, so I decided I'd be a pain. And I was. So I read for three hours. Somewhere in those three hours I talked to Swatez for a few minutes, got dinner, and talked to Curtis for about 10-15 minutes. The rest of the time was spent reading. And nearly falling asleep. But that doesn't need to be discussed.

I got deoderant on my shirt. Boo.

I'm so bored. I must be goth.
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I just watched Rocky Horror.

And then I watched it again.

I didn't mean to watch the WHOLE thing the second time... but it was enteraining. Audio commentary by Magenta and RiffRaff.

PS: My back hurts like fuck.
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Okay, so, Luke just saw me in all my unshaved, unmakeup-ed, boxered glory.

There's officially no more shame between us.

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Oh fuck, I had so forgotten why I was so overly excited for 24!


And now, I'm going to go collapse in my bed.

So happy.
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Today, Dresden Dolls is my emo music of choice.

I got really rather pissed off/emo... mostly about living way the hell out here. So I put on some Dresden Dolls and drew. Then mum came in and talked to me.

So, I really truly hate living out here, but I decided that... whatever... I'm going to start indulging more on myself, because I'm only able to do that for a short time, and then I have to start paying rent and insurance and all that bullshit.

In the next few paycheques I'm going to get my hair dyed and styled, I'll buy a new cd player, or maybe an mp3 player or an ipod. I'll get some new pajamas, and some new clothes. And some new shoes, definately. I'll look at some digital cameras, and start looking at options for my chinchilla. I'll get some new sheets for my bed, and maybe a really nice memoryfoam pillow, or something. I'll look for massaging things (back and feet, preferably).

[edit]And new headphones.
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